If your requirement is the purchase of a real estate, you will need to consider the following and important tips to protect your investment to minimize risks:

a. Regarding the commercial promotion of the property:

Get as much information about the project or want to purchase property, while more detailed, clear and transparent the information, the better, the purpose is to have all the elements necessary to enable it to decide the investment. Be clear that for the sale of a property the seller will provide firsthand all about location, service provision, distribution and own the property characteristics, information that will be contained in the brochures and printed received from the builder / developer or seller: However, remember that you must require the seller not only information "visual" of the property, but will also require other information concerning: Identity of the promoter and / or builder, address and contact numbers. Accurate and transparent description of the sales price, form of payment and financing alternatives offered for purchase. Determining the expected delivery within the property. Grounds for withdrawal in buying and penalties if they arise, both for the buyer and seller.

b. Technical aspects:

The facade, the location, the environment is important, but remember that the property you want to purchase has important technical considerations in general are: Technical specifications, type of building, structure, masonry and finishes offered Provision of public services in the sector and in the whole Features and specifications of internal electrical installations, plumbing, phone, cable TV, etc. Features specifications and external facilities: development works, services, green areas and community

c. Financial aspects:

It is important that the seller will expose everything about the price and payment, the percentages of reserves, the balance input, financing options through direct lending or through a financial institution, interest rates, term arrears, among others. Remember never make fertilizer without first analyzing all aspects of a building, and always ask a receipt stating the delivery thereof.

d. Legal aspects:

Once you've analyzed the technical, construction, location and commercial aspects of the property must necessarily analyze the legal level, this point will become the filter will pass or not to the next stage of negotiations for the acquisition of property.

Regarding the property:

Make sure the seller is legally entitled to sell the property offered, or it doesn´t has impediments for sale, this can be verified by obtaining a certificate corresponding charges in the "Land Registry" of the city where the property is located. If you are a real estate project, make sure it has all municipal approvals required for its construction, this in order to verify that the property is truly planned and promoted project will be developed. Verify who is selling the property is the owner, or have a legal document that entitles sale. If involved a land trust for sale must be a legal document stating that power. Carefully review the terms and conditions of the various legal instruments for the improvement of the sale, including: reservation request, promise of sale and final writing, with the commitments acquired by the parties to the signing of these documents, such as conditions delivery of the property, penalties for withdrawal, both the buyer and the seller, among others. If a project must apply the Act in force construction license stating the name of the owner of the property and this corresponds to the person or company that is selling or at least plans Registration Act in the corresponding Zonal Administration.

The promoter or salesperson:

Legal information requested promoter or seller, such as incorporation or company, or legal entity entitled to sell the property, as well as information from his legal representative and other relevant enabling it to identify the seller and determine their existence and validity . Make sure that you have analyzed all important for your investment is safe aspects, our law firm can advise on the suitability assessment and verification of property in the legal field, in order to minimize the investment risk and providing security and confidence in the real estate business. We advise throughout the procurement process, from the support in the search and identification of property assets to the improvement of the transaction, structuring the most appropriate legal concept that protects your investment.

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